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This is about you and how you engage with all of you.  Food is the starting place, for when you encounter your plate, you are encountering how you engage with and show up in this world.  Your relationships, your power, your self-love and self-hate, your numbness and unfurling soul are all seen through the lens of your palate, how you encounter your plate, and your style of eating.


You can find new diet rules anywhere. But, here we are going to focus on


eating that delves to the deeper part of you that makes the choices about when to eat, not eat, and what to eat in the first place.  You see, most approaches to food start from the outside and go in.  The food rule is given and you are expected to comply.  But not here…I am about looking in and moving out.  The you who makes the choices and carries the motivation, passion, and resolution to chop up kale, crack eggs open in the morning, and make the ever-needed meal choices is loved and listened to first.  Your passions, habits, and desires first.  Rules and guidelines come second and are informed and crafted from your unique needs. 

You want to transform, I know…that is why you are here.  You are ready to grow, expand, and be a stronger better you.  You want to be charged with life and vibrant with your beauty and power so that others are almost breathless in your presence.  Too good to be true?  You don’t believe you can be that potent?  Well, you can.  And it can start here.   


Transformation: One-on-One Work with Me


I’m going to be really honest with you... 

I've found that the food stuff only works if we are looking at the rest of the picture of your life. So when I work 1:1 with a client, we dive into all the intersections between food, health, and life (sensuality, relationships, family, work, stress, etc).  


Our work is not only about trying things like three new food tips that lead to health changes.  I’m talking about mind & body work that impacts deep cellular change where your healing can take place.


Together, we are going to look into and speak to the fuller picture of who you are with a loving direct gaze and voice. This will bring about the transformation you are seeking.

Yes, I have a lot of food strategies, health assessments, information, science, recipes, and so much more to share with you about what foods and supplements will support your unique bodily needs.  I believe those things are really important and work.

But there is so much more.  

That is what happens here, working with me. 

Working with me is about getting you really plugged in with who you are…your attitude, feelings, your soul and heart. These are the places that connect to and infuse your actions and therefore the results you want in your life. 

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I look forward to connecting with you. -Janelle