Food + Me + You


I love poetry and I love food.


Honestly…I think food is poetic. 


Even magical.


You see, I want to live life to the fullest and food is a key contributor in helping me live the vibrant and lyrical life I want to live. 


But, if you turn your glance to my past…that’s another story with food. 


Struggle and fear used to characterize 

most moments of eating.  I rarely enjoyed food unless it was sugar-laden and out of a package.  Then it was blissful…especially in how it helped me to forget sad memories and numb difficult feelings.


I mostly saw food as a powerful contributor to my body shape…the more of it, the more of me.  The less food in me…then the less there would be of me.  A smaller Janelle felt just right at times.


I didn’t know food had the ability to nourish. 


I didn’t know food was powerful and could supply my body with a force of healing that many rounds of medication and prayer could never bring about.


The journey between then and now is a rugged gift.  Many silent struggles, many long nights of prayer with dear friends, trusting food for the first time to do good in me, having two beautiful daughters to help guide me into a new relationship with food, and much more.


So, here I am today before you to share all I know* so that you, too, can find the poetry of your life and the magical capabilities of food again. 


Love beckons you to joy again…



*Knowledge gained through my studies at the Nutritional Therapy Association, The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and a MSEd from UPenn

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