How do you want to feel...
 right now...
in your body?
Now is a perfect time for change, new rhythms, and new habits. It is the time to act and go deep!
Most weight loss programs are limited
They focus on calorie restriction (deprivation) rather than the infusion of quality food and nutrients to balance out the underlying imbalances leading to weight gain.
They also leave out the incredible impact your mind-body connection plays in weight balance.  
Did you know that 98-99% of those that lose weight will gain it back in the following 1-2 years?  The 1-2% who kept the weight off had a corresponding life transformation with the weight loss.
Weight balance is about much more that simply changing food and exercise habits. A bigger transformation is at hand for you...
In this program you will go deep so that change can happen at a cellular level.
This New Year is calling you to feel more radiant, energized and at home in your body.
What this program covers....
You will discern the physical causes of your weight gain: 
Digestive Problems
Food Sensitivities
Yeast Overgrowth
Unstable Blood Sugar
Dehydration & Mineral Imbalances
Fatty Acid Deficiency
Stress & Adrenal Fatigue
Hormonal Imbalances
Toxin Overload
Brain Chemistry Deficiency
You will also explore the deeper mind-body connection impacting your weight challenges:
Why your body may be using weight to protect you.
Additional areas in your life you may need to "lighten up"
Re-establishing a positive relationship with food and your body
Seeing the connection between cravings in food and cravings in life
And more....
Today I invite you to sign up:
  • Even if you've done 100 weight loss plans
  • Even if you feel awesome with your weight and you want to address some of the above listed imbalances
  • Even if you only have a few pounds to lose
Now is the time to act! 
This program is designed to get your body healthy!


Next class starts

February 7, 2015


Cost: $225* (worth $395)


- Ten weekly 1-hour Saturday morning

    meetings packed with instruction and

   cutting edge  information.

- Significant accountability and group


- Detailed workbook with info to help

   you determine your underlying cause

   of weight gain

- Nutrient cards (travel size) to help you

   make the best food choices

- Recipe cards

- Email access to me for weekly support

   as needed


*bring a friend and take $50 off the registrations costs for BOTH you and your friend!!!


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