This message is for those of you who are health practitioners who know that for you, you are called to keep moving forward…even now.


I get that with so many unknowns and constantly shifting directives for our lives that it can take all we have to re-orient ourselves from moment to moment.


And in this shifting landscape there can creep in a subtle thought:


“Maybe I should hold back and wait until things calm down again?”


And – for some – this really may be the very best thing to do to take care of yourself and those around you.


But when you get to the heart of it, you know that this is a constricting message leading you to hide away or stop the very work you know you are called to do.


And with this uncertainty, you see that at its core it is not because you want to hide away, but rather you find yourself hiding away because you don’t know how to show up and support folks.


This is a time when our practitioner work is needed more than ever.


Every supplement and herbal company I am connected to are continually letting me know that they are out of stock. 

I am hearing from people who are standing up moving their behinds like never before – they are running and taking walks now because they are having a wake up callthat their health is not to be taken for granted and people are really trying to find their way to health. 


I am a part of local government groups and folks are asking about medications and foods to eat because they are looking and looking for ways to take care of themselves (…they are posting these questions in government info groups!).


People are tryingto take care of themselves in new ways.


And….this is what we are trained to do!


It is nota time to diminish our work….it is a time to rise uplike we never have before.


The calling you had to impact the lives of others is still there….and needed right now.


It is a time to leaninto our work and not step back!


For those of you that feel this in your gut, then I am speaking to you and confirming what you already knew that you must move forward.


For those of you who knowthis to be true, but feel frozen and stuck in fears and simply don’t know howto move forward, then please listen up.


If you are tired of feeling stuck, and you are looking for more intentional support….then I would love to talk to you about my next group – The Wealthy Practitioner Mastermind.


This is a group program of community support for health professionals who are tired of feeling stuck and want to move forward and build a successful practice….regardless of the circumstances.


In this program you get:

  • Live support from me in group coaching sessions – 2x per month

  • 1 personal coaching session with me for bio-individual support

  • A private Facebook community page for ongoing community support throughout the program

  • Skills for you to grow in confidence, remain grounded, and become the best decision maker you can be

  • Business support to take you and your business to the next level

  • A breakdown and breakthrough from financial myths that are limiting your potential for higher revenue


I want to leave with these quotes from some of my current mastermind participants:


“In the beginning I had so much nervous energy, anxiety, and fear.  I was unable to turn it off, in fact I didn’t know how to turn it off. Now I have an eagerness and excitement for my work and my future.” -K.


“The timing of this group is amazing.  I can’t imagine how I would be feeling facing what I need to face without this group and all I learned.  I am eager and excited to see what is my next rather than terrified like I used to be. I am so thankful for what I have learned and how I have grown in this group.” – T.


If you are ready to learn more and talk about it, then please contact me.


I am so ready to support you and see you thrive!

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I look forward to connecting with you. -Janelle

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