My Trifecta Approach to Wellness and Wealth

Being in the nutrition world for over 20 years now, I learned a lot of strategies to support an individual’s well-being.

One of my favorite approaches was a trifecta strategy. It is pretty simple in its concept:

1. Remove the stressors – this is about taking out the foods, environmental exposures, and lifestyle habits that put stress on my client’s body.

2. Add in what is missing – this is the piece where my client would fill in the voids. If they were missing protein or quality fat in their diet, I would recommend increasing these macronutrients from beneficial sources. Or, if their mineral status was low, we would work on strategizing nutrient-rich foods and consider potential supplementation.

3. Detox any deep toxins – this would be considered if steps one and two were not successful enough to restore balance and reach health goals. This might be for someone with a heavy metal overload or a parasite lingering in their digestive tract. I would then refer out to a specialist trained in the needed modality to support this deeper detoxification.

The combination of this trifecta approach was really beautiful to witness as I saw my clients reach their health goals (and beyond!) when they could successfully implement each of these steps.

I see the parallels in this approach to building physical wellness to building wealth in practitioner work.

(Remember my definition of wealth = the abundance of resources. This can and many times involves financial resources, but it is much deeper in that it is the abundance of confidence, wisdom, fortitude, groundedness, clarity, and more).

Let’s apply this trifecta concept to building your wealth in your practitioner work:

1. Remove the stressors – this is removing distractions, creating boundaries with relationships that are harmful and negative, low-vibe self-talk, and ingesting fear-based guidance and counsel. All of these put stress on your mental and emotional state and contract your energies for the momentum needed to move forward in your practitioner goals.

2. Add in what is missing – this is where you fill in the voids. Material resources will only get so far, so the foundational place to “fill in” is your connection to soul, your inner guidance system, your Source, Divine wisdom, intuition. To nurture this, you can add in meditation, slow walks in nature, uplifting music, uplifting relationships, stillness.

3. Detox any deep toxins – if steps 1 and 2 are not getting you to your wealth goals as a practitioner, it might be time to look deeper to see if there is some deep woundedness within to expose and transmute. This is where a trained professional can be so instrumental in guiding you to detox the grip of painful experiences and hereditary pain that is limiting you.

The combination of this trifecta approach is profound in that I’ve seen wellness practitioners harness a deeper focus and momentum in their work with the corresponding results of wealth - both in their inner and outer resources.

So many times practitioners build their knowledge base and learn business strategies, but then…you guessed it! It all stops, plateaus, or gets stuck.

The reason is that something deeper is needing support and this is the nuanced work I’m speaking about here.

When you look at these 3 areas, where do you think you need the greatest support right now? Is there something you can shift this week?

This is a process and while the 3 steps are easy to say, they are a work that is ongoing with continual tweaking and adjusting.

It is a dynamic process.

If this resonates with you, please let me know by responding below.

If you have a colleague or friend who might benefit from this, please feel free to share.

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