Are You Staying Too Small?

I have something I’ve been thinking about.

In a nutshell – you all (and me too!) have been thinking W.A.Y. too S.M.A.L.L.

If you are a woman health practitioner…you have probably been following models and principles that are created for you to do good in a certain way for a certain amount of money.

(BTW…the reason I see all of this is because I, too, am a part of this system and growing in my understanding of how this all works).

Many of you work 1:1 with clients IN REACTION to a system structured to cultivate a compromised health status in your clients.

You promote eating habits IN REACTION to a food system that is continually pumping our food with chemicals and leaves food in a deficient state for us to ingest (do you think that organic supermarket carrot is how a real, wild carrot looks?).

You promote sleeping well IN REACTION to an environment that is clouding us with EMFs, light, noise, and bonding to devices that fill our bedrooms.

You promote an exercise plan IN REACTION to a lifestyle that praises work done in a detached-from-body, sedentary style.

You promote eating a whole foods diet that requires easy access to food, funds, and time IN REACTION to a system that funnels food into the wealthy white neighborhoods, to those who have the money and time (resources) to pay for and cook those foods.

You promote growing your own container garden IN REACTION to an environment that has us disconnected to our food that we literally don’t know what it looks like when it is growing and it arrives to us in plastic.

On top of all of this, many of you are settling for a teensy-tiny income.

As women we are taught that we are not to ask for a lot of money because this is “selfish”, “greedy”, and we are here to “help” (being of help/service = sacrifice and living with as little as possible).

Many women are drawn to a service-oriented field because most of us long to nurture, to help, to restore, and to build relationships.

The problem is that we are simultaneously taught to do as much as we can with as little as possible.

We are EMPOWERED to do more with less.

This has a subtle energy to constrict, to keep it small, and then we get in a mental tangle to ask for more money, to build wealth, and expand in our investments and assets.

Here is the thing -

When women make more money and have more assets, the world is literally a better place.

When women make money, research shows that they cycle about 90% of that income back into families and communities (while men cycle about 35% of their income back into their families and communities).

Women become an ecosystem providing widening rings of support and sustainability as they increase in their money and power. (Thank you Rachel Rodgers for the statistic and analogy)

In saying all of this, please don’t get me wrong….I’m not saying that all those things I listed above aren’t beneficial.

They absolutely are and DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

What I am getting at here, is that most of us are continually working IN REACTION to a whole system that is designed to turn a profit at the expense of individual wellness, food access, environmental diversity and preservation, and deep connection to each other and the land.

What I am talking about here is not only working IN REACTION and IN RESPONSE to all that is happening around us.

Rather, what I am speaking to is the need for us to expand, dream bigger, speak up more, and LEAD and TRANSFORM the systems.

….even create new systems and ways of being.

You don’t have to contort yourself into the “this is way things are” for money-making and professional work.

You can step outside of it all and create a new thing.

Does the thought of all that scare you?

Are you overwhelmed with even the idea of doing more?

This is a good sign!

That means you are trembling into the awakening of your expanded calling…to make a BIG difference.

If you’ve read this far, then what I am sharing is at least a little bit important to you.

Please, do me a favor…pause everything now and simply write down what has come up for you.

Are you triggered by what I said? Write it down and why – there is something key in that trigger.

Are you excited by thinking bigger? Write it down – what are you prompted to think about and create?

Are you sad that your dream is currently full of cobwebs? That is okay – pause and write it all down. Blow the cobwebs off and give your loving gaze to your dream and let this moment be the awakening of it. Write it all out.

Are you wanting more support in this area to explore what is coming up for you? I’d love to connect. I host masterminds for those who are health practitioners who are ready to take themselves and their work to the next level. Send me a message and we can set up a time to talk.

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