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This Monday I'm bringing you five things to help direct your focus to deeper support for your well-being. Being a leader in your field means you need to be taking care of yourself in the most strategic ways. Today I bring you 5 highlights for wellness:

Supplement I am taking recommended to me by my friend and colleague who is a supplement expert in the field, Kate Mahoney. Kate educated me on how this supplement is potent to build the immune system as it provides co-factors (catalyst) to fuel every part of our immunity (not to mention every other system in our body). Our bodies cannot create their own minerals, so we must get them from outside of us. Quality sourced food does wonders, but sometimes we need the extra Umph! to provide our body all it needs in these demanding times.

Research I’m looking into: Vagal Nerve Toning. Toning the vagus nerve is key to supporting the body in resting, digesting, and reducing anxiety. If we are doing everything “right” with our eating, work, movement, and relationships, but our neurological system (nerves) are still in overdrive – then we can only get so far with our wellness measures. Actively identifying when we need to support our vagus nerve and then measures to do so are key in supporting a well-rounded approach to self-care. This overlooked area is key to helping us be grounded and supporting all other measures we are doing to take care of ourselves and showing up in a steadfast, calm way for those we love and the work we are doing.

Tea I am drinking: Oatstraw Infusion. This tonic was recommended to me by my own mentor. It is a nervine tonic – meaning it supports (tones) the nerves and nervous system (are you sensing a theme here?). I try and drink ½ - 1 quart daily to supply my nervous system with an ongoing supply of nutrients to restore and calm this system.

Video I am watching – Small Business Town Hall hosted by Rachel Rodgers and others. This video is helping me to re-imagine what a small business like mine can do to intentionally be anti-racist and equitable. If you have a small business, have you considered what steps you might do to dismantle racism and support equity in your organization?

Recipe I’m enjoying: Cold potato salad. In the hotter days, I feel like eating cooler food. Salad greens and other non-starchy veggies are delicious, but do not always cut it for me as far as satiation. I enjoy using red potatoes for this salad. Alert….watch your oils in your mayo when you make this salad. Stay away from your highly processed (sorry to say it – toxic) oils like canola, soy, corn, and safflower/sunflower. Stick to homemade using olive oil or coconut oil. Or, you can purchase quality mayo like this one or this one.

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