Go Through the Back Door

What if you had to go in the back door to find your way? What if your weight loss isn’t about trying to lose weight? What if getting healthy wasn’t about controlling what you eat? What if getting fit wasn’t about exercising more?

What if the path to your change was in the most unexpected of places?

I have spoken to so many women who have tried the diet and exercise plans…have tried to follow them perfectly…only to find that the follow through and results weren’t there.

In the midst of trying to comply with your perfectly crafted plans, roadblocks emerge…again and again.

Actions that seem like self-sabotage surface and your energies wane.

This is what I have come to find out…the mess-ups, the resistance, the fatigue for follow through are the doors to transformation you have been waiting for.

Struglgle, inaction, low motivation….these are the visitors alerting you to the locus of your healing.

“Why didn’t I eat well…again?”

“Why do I always go to the cookies when everyone is asleep at night?”

“Why do I sleep in when I told myself I would get up and run?”

These are your luminescent moments showing you where the path is to your true transformation.

Your withdrawal from the pivot of your change is the exact spot where healing is calling you.

This is the place to come face to face with your fear and the potential for who you are growing into.

Welcome your “failure”. Welcome your resistance. Welcome your inaction.

These are your doors beckoning you to enter. And, I will tell you…what you find behind those doors holds the unexpected. It is the place where you might find wounds, self-hate, shame, loneliness, anger, fear…your beautiful ugly grit. The ashes of your dreams. The place calling to be seen.

Can you go there?

Next time you find that you didn’t do what you were going to do with that new food plan, or exercise routine…stop, pause, and sit with that part of you that didn’t do it. What is that part of you saying?

With a loving heart…listen deeply and see what it is she is showing you.

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