Four Out, Four In: 8 Ways to Gently Detox

I heard that you were interested in a detox this year. The thing is, you’ve also told me that you've tried intense detoxes in the past and felt they were too harsh and at times left you feeling worse than the clean and refreshed you that you were anticipating. So, what should you do?

I have some ideas to help your body detox - gently.

First, keep in mind that your body is already ALWAYS detoxing.

That’s right. Your liver, bowels, kidneys, lungs, and skin are cleaning things out everyday. So, the thought of starting a detox really isn’t accurate because your body is already detoxing all the time.

Rather, it is about supporting your body to do the detoxing it is already doing more effectively and efficiently.

The detox organs listed above can get congested or burdened by the overload of processed and toxic ingredients many of us are consuming and exposed to environmentally.

The best way to start enhancing the detox mechanisms in your body is to remove what is burdening the system and take in more of what increases your systems' power.

To unload the burden off of your detox organs it is helpful to REMOVE the following from your daily eating habits for awhile:

  1. Processed foods – this means anything from a box or package.

  2. Sugar – even things like “organic cane sugar”, “agave nectar”, “rice syrup”, etc, disrupt the fine balancing act of homeostasis your body is working towards everyday.

  3. Gluten – gluten products in the US are burdensome and damaging to the gut which – remember – is one of the major detox highways in the body.

  4. Caffeine – at least reduce it.

To enhance the efficacy of your body’s capabilities to detox it is helpful to ADD the following:

  1. Non-starchy veggies – preferably at each meal. Vegetables are cleansing by nature.

  2. Bone broth – Heals the gut lining and helps the body to eliminate more effectively.

  3. Protein and traditional fats (like coconut oil) at each meal – to stabilize your blood sugar so that your liver is not overwhelmed trying to manage blood sugar and can put more of a priority on detoxing.

  4. Beets – Things liked roasted beets or beet kvass have nutrients that thin your bile in your gallbladder (the bile is the river your liver dumps toxins into to then be removed from your body).

By simply incorporating these steps, you will support your body in tremendous ways to clean out any junk that is in there without putting incredible stress on you.

Keep in mind that as your body detoxes more effectively, you may actually feel more uncomfortable when you first implement these changes. As your body gets stronger in its capabilities to clean things out, you may feel gross for a few days when things are exiting your body. This is perfectly normal.

Have you tried detoxes in the past? I’d love to hear about your experiences below.

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