My Letter to Jennifer Lawrence About Her Bleeding Gums

“…my gums start bleeding. And, I don’t know why.”

– Jennifer Lawrence

The other night I sat down to browse around Netflix to take my mind off of everything. I came across the show Chelsea and proceeded to watch her interview Jennifer Lawrence about her movie, “Passengers”.

As Jennifer Lawrence was speaking, she made a brief reference to her gums bleeding when she gets stressed out and her confusion as to why that happens.

Being a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, my ears perked up as I knew immediately what nutrient deficiencies were connected to her bleeding gums.

How could the amazing Jennifer Lawrence not know this…or have people around her telling her why this was happening?

Fast forward a few days…

One night as I was chopping brussel sprouts, it occurred to me: why don’t I write Jennifer Lawrence and give her some helpful tips concerning her bleeding gums? What have I got to lose, right?

Scene of my inspiration

(scene of my inspiration)

As I was writing my letter to her, it occurred to me that some of you might have bleeding gums (even though you aren’t going around talking about it) and you, too, might wonder why your gums are bleeding.

So, here is the scoop:

Bleeding gums are connected to 3 things: 1) a collagen need and 2) vitamin C deficiency along with its corresponding and necessary 3) bioflavonoids.

First… collagen is the connective tissue responsible for building up the gums and thus strengthening the teeth.

Second…vitamin C inhibits the proliferation of plaque and tartar…even if you are cleaning your teeth thoroughly and regularly, lack of vitamin C will still lead to the plague and tartar build up.

Vitamin C is also one of the best natural defenses against bacteria – it is essential for healthy teeth and gums. The mouth is the gateway to the body not only for food, but also for unwanted bacteria. The toxins emitted from the unwanted bacteria are a significant factor in the cause of dental disease. They promote gum pocketing, which eventually leads to tooth lost. Vitamin C is one of the best killers against these toxins.

Third…bioflavonoids are key in supporting inflammation along with vascular fragility

If you are going to invest in these nutrients, I would recommend purchasing the highest quality products available. Here are my favorites (no affiliate links or benefits to me should you purchase these products).

Bioflavanoids - Bio-FCTS from Biotics Research Corporation

Vitamin C – Liposomal vitamin C from Empirical Labs (this is a fat soluble version of the vitamin which is better absorbed than ascorbic acid, the water-soluble form. It offers all the benefits of ascorbic acid, plus it won't flush out of the body as quickly as ascorbic acid, and it is able to be stored in cell membranes until the body needs it).

Collagen – Vital Proteins has a nice variety of collagen products from grass-fed and wild caught sources…simply add a scoop to soups or mugs of daily broth.

Of course, diet is key in stopping the physiological triggers for tooth and gum decay. Reducing processed foods and sugars, eating foods high in protein and traditional fats, and getting out of a stressed state are essential for stopping the breakdown of enamel and supporting gum health. Robust dietary habits combined with the supportive nutrient therapy listed above can transform and even reverse signs of inflammation and decay in your mouth.

Have you ever tried to heal your gums or teeth naturally? I’d love to hear about it below.

Are you looking for nutrition support customized to meet your needs? Then contact me.

Oh, by the way ….I’ll be sure to let you know if I ever hear back from Jennifer Lawrence!

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