Feeling Discontent? This Is Good!

I know…I can be so cheesy…just like that old boyfriend or girlfriend.

Here is what happened…I was looking through some of my old poetry and you came to mind and I got all misty eyed.

You see, I know you want change, to grow, to expand…to ultimately transform. You are discontent with signs of your health slipping, your subpar energy, your stale endeavors, your smile becoming a long lost friend, your waning sensuality.

I want to remind you that your discontentment is a gift.

Your discontentment is your guidepost as to where transformation wants to take place. It is your growth edge. Please do not tell yourself that you “should” be grateful for all you have and that you “shouldn’t” feel those upset feelings because it isn’t nice to complain. Don’t get me wrong…I am all about the power of gratitude and the gifts in life we often overlook.

The thing I am getting at here is that our discontentment is a clue into our deepest desires.

Our deepest desires point to our expansion and growth and this is the place we need to fan the flame…to notice your discontentment, to see the desire behind it and FUEL THAT DESIRE.

Feed your desire with your attention.

Grow your desire with imagination.

Enliven your desire with action that helps it become a reality.

The heavens bring stars that will dull your grey.

You will wipe back your tears in the early morning fog.

Blinking and turning

you will glimpse

a rising gold –

A gold that lifts the shadows and

streams forth.

Blinded you will stand

in the dawn

of your brilliant transformation.

I so want you to stand in the dawn of your brilliant transformation.

What is it going to take for you to transform?

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