Help!!!...I'm Drowning in Health Info phone is ringing...

It's Maria.


"Oh God, Janelle...I am totally overwhelmd. My life is getting crazy with work and 3 kids at home everyday during the summer. I honestly do not have time to make 3 meals a day for myself. I want to start making smoothies to take with me wherever I might go in the middle of the day. I know I need a great protein source in my on-the-go smoothies, but I'm completely overwhelmed by the protein powders I see in the stores and online.

"Some sources say I should get protein in the form of whey. But what about plant-based proteins? Also...what in the world does it mean if a protein is an isolate, hydrolyslate, concentrate, or double bonded? My head is spinning...please help!"

Can you relate? Have you ever decided to make a move with your health practices...and then...and then??? Action crash....there are way too many choices and information about what to do next, how to do something, or what you should or shouldn't buy.

I can so feel your pain. I have been there many times!

Well, here is what I shared with Maria...

"Maria, as you know it is ideal to consume a whole foods shake if possible (raw eggs or egg yolks from a high-quality egg source, avocado, frozen fruit, coconut oil, unsweetened coconut milk or organic yogurt, nut butters, and freshly ground flax/chia seeds). But I totally get that there are times when protein powders are necessary like right now when life feels crazy and you need something quick rather than having to hunt down some local free-range eggs .

" step #1, when choosing a protein powder it is always helpful to look at the protein component in the powder.

"Try to stay away from protein isolates. These are protein concentrates that are fractionated, meaning that other non-protein components have been partially removed to “isolate” the protein. When a protein is isolated from its full composition (which is the concentrate) then your body may not know how to use it properly and get its full benefit.

"A protein hydrolyslate has taken a concentrate or isolate and partially broken it down by exposing the protein to heat, acid or enzymes that break apart the bonds linking amino acids. This makes it taste more bitter, but also allows it to absorb more rapidly than a concentrate or isolate. This might sound good, right? But concentrates and isolates are already fast-digesting, so a hydrolysate, which digests minimally faster and has been exposed to heat, may not be worth it.

"Now, a double bonded protein, is an unrefined fusion of both casein (milk) protein and whey protein.

"So, step #2...what to get? The two favorites among my practitioner buddies and me is 1) Goat Whey from Mt. Capra , and 2) Whey Cool from Designs for Health. Both of these are made from grass-fed milk and minimally processed. They are whey based, so you've got to be able to tolerate dairy to take them. You can mix these proteins with the ingredients I already mentioned.

"Another nice option you can include if you don't like to put veggies in your smoothies is the Nitro Greens from the Biotics line or a scoop of Vitamineral.

"Now if you can't tolerate dairy, then PurePaleo Protein from Designs for Health is a great option. This is a powder actually made from a quality beef source. It is hydrolyzed to help with absorption, so this means the protein has been altered a bit by being exposed to a heat source."

Maria liked all these options and seeing as she did well with dairy she tried the Whey Cool which has been working well for her. She has been able to eat a nourishing protein shake midday to keep her fueled for work or activities with her kids.

Before wrapping up, I also want to highlight that if you are vegan or vegetarians and you don’t do well on dairy, the Biotics has a nice pea protein powder that many like.

Maria got overwhelmed with protien powder options...I'd love to know what gets you overwhelmed when it comes to health or food choices. Please let me know in the comments below!

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