Taking Care of Yourself Hurts

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The other day I was thinking that it can be so, so hard to take care of yourself. I feel that way sometimes. I want so much to feel great, but the things I think will help me feel energized sound so exhausting and I am tired by the thought of even figuring out what to cook for dinner.

Honestly, I sometimes see you avoiding taking care of yourself. Sometimes the pain is so deep that to look in and care and take care hurts too much. Facing the tired parts and offering care involves letting go of what you are so tightly holding together…and this would lead to everything crumbling.

I get that sometimes it hurts to take care of yourself and get healthy because when you are not numbed out by sugar and its mind-softening effects or distracted by inflammation whose gift it is to alert, then you have to face the heart-soul-pain calling you to heal, rise, and be alive.

This is a bold move.

This does involve crumbling.

This does involve things breaking apart.

And what or who will hold you when you go that deep?

What I want you to know is that I totally believe you have it within you to face that buried pain that fuels distracted actions and numbing eating. I believe you are a power star that can courageously face the places in your life where you know no love and continually face the empty hollows of the rooms around you. You are more than your pain. You are bigger than your pain. You are made of the divine and your birthright is joy, love, and a vibrant living.

Until you truly believe how powerfully amazing and wonderful you are…at a gut level and in every fiber of your being…then the remedies you seek from nutrition plans, wholeness practices, exercise regimens, and wellness plans are but hollow endeavors to get you there.

Knock on the door of your heart. Dig deep and see the pain. Know the ashes of your crumbling and falling apart are ultimately what leads to your rising and wholeness.

Beauty for ashes.


A radiant woman fueled by passion, vision, action, and beauty.

That is you…

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