What the Heck Is SageFire?


What the heck is SageFire?

Wellllll….let me tell ya’

Grit from my Norwood street under my Danskos, heart pulsing with yearning, mind exploding with ideas and information, my blue eyes stretched to the horizon….I wondered what the heck was I going to do with this incredible nutritional info? How was I going to translate nutritional awesomeness into the women around me? I wanted women - like you - to feel radiant, healthy, energized, clear and confident in how to nourish themselves and their families.

I knew I was walking away from my Nutritional Therapy Program with a lot more than just ideas in how to choose better eggs and drink more pure water. No. This was about way more. It was about me entering this world and connecting with you in the intimate place of your gentle companions: disconnectedness, hope, and fragility…to be on the journey of transformation with you. Rigorous attention to food, nutrition, and optimal functioning of your body were key. But there was more….I knew that food, eating, and health were a pathway into the soul-churning aches for you to rise up, take care of yourself, have more energy, be a stronger presence in your life, to be a potent presence of love and radiance in this crazy-beautiful life we are all a part of.

I knew this was going to take a ton of wisdom. There are a lot of food plans, food crazes and fads. Many seek health results and food regimens that contain hidden costs of psychological torment from deprivation, increased body-hate, adrenal exhaustion from cortisol output, interruptions of hormone communication systems, and actually trigger weight gain and deep fatigue. I knew many approaches to health gambled too much with risking the health of the individual. I knew many like you, were lost in what was the best next step for them…they were drowning in oceans of nutritional ideas…many of which contradicted each other. I knew that health and wellness went beyond tests, assessments, food rules, and science. There was heart, emotions, personal history, beliefs, the divine…they all must be attended to. And thus, I prayed for wisdom…to carry the spirit of a sage with all I interact with…I am constantly heart-bent to receive divine guidance and intuition. Yes…sage…sage…sage…wisdom, calm judgment, prudence…all done with grace, gentleness and warmth.

Enter FIRE…

Fueled by my fiery passion to walk around and shake this world up…I listened to a lot of loud music, biked many steep hills at night, and let stinging tears of yearning flow while looking at the sun depart each night. I knew I wanted to find the hot embers and little forgotten sparks in women…to blow, stir the ash…and get things going. Hot, fiery, vibrant women….living life fully. That was my vision.

I wanted to see women alive with their own radiance and sensuality…potent in a way they didn’t even know was possible. No more energy leaks caused by sucky food habits, toxic oils which wreaked havoc on their gallbladders and hormone orchestration, boxed foods void of any nutritional value – empty of life, over-working and under-loving themselves, doing too many sacrificial tasks and lacking in sexual play. No more down-regulated life by crappy relationships, not eating for half the day, listening to the hateful thoughts traipsing around their brains like they owned the place. No more.

And if women were too tired and confused about what to do or how to change, or if they were afraid to say no more sh$# and that things needed to stop and change…then I could advocate for them, with them, to them...on their behalf.

I knew playing with fire could be dangerous, could burn and get out of control. Many are even frightened by their own heated emotions…so my Fire needed to be tempered with the Sage.

And so my heart beats with the Sage and the Fire…and ultimately love.

Behind all the scenes of discussions concerning blood sugar regulation, food journals, supplement suggestions, dismantling negative thoughts, Whole Foods tours, health histories, each question about sleep habits, energy levels, cravings, every word in every newsletter…. All of this is my love for you in all I do. Your wellness and optimal vibrancy brings me such great joy. I love the journey I get to be on with you. What a gift to see you become more alive.

To the SageFIre within you…may she awaken and find her joy...

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