The Guest We Resist - Winter Blues

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If you love the winter and revel in its grey and white glories….then you may not want to read on. Step outside and let the stark, chilled air enliven you and take you to the joys you are able to find in this season. For those who struggle with winter….you’ll understand…. February came with tears in my eyes. This time of year weighs on me. Even with all my health studies on how to bring balance to the body, my gorging on supplements, extra sleep, listening to peppy music, and exercising to get my blood flowing….at the end of the day I still find myself thinking longingly of the sun and the warmth on my skin. I’m counting the days until March because for some reason March sounds better and more livable to me than February. Do you ever feel this way? This year was especially challenging because last month I went to southern California. My winter blues were delayed by the glorious sun overhead, beaches pulsing with welcoming waves, dolphins dancing in charming arches, and the warmth. I could feel the warmth on my skin, on my hair, and touching my cheek. The sun to me is like a dear friend and winter time feels like the absence of this kindred spirit. Coming back to Ohio and entering the grey raised within me a deeper ache for the sun because I was now living the contrast. I won’t go on and on to be a downer in a month that is already so challenging for many. I just wanted to let you know that I get it.

I get what it is like to not feel your best, to know that there is a more vibrant “you” inside that wants to express herself.

We might be quiet and stark in our souls at this time of year. Our endeavors might be subdued. We feel similar at times to the silhouettes of all those grey trees outside. We know spring will come and the trees will bloom and we will feel better. But not yet…now is the time for quiet, for melancholy, times of feeling empty. And yet….I will acknowledge that this emptiness and memory of the person we are in our (literal or figuratively speaking) warmer and beautiful days does share a gift. We long all the more for life…true, pulsing Life within. I encourage you not to numb the challenge of winter (although distraction is sometimes necessary to get through the day), but use your ache to call out strongly for more. This ache can be your guide to your full, vibrant life that is really, truly you.

And fuller life will come again…

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