4 Immediate (Unexpected) Actions to Kick off Wellness in 2015


You are ready to get your game on this New Year and you are going to strive to create and achieve your New Year's Resolutions. Awesome! You are making that list of resolutions to remove clutter, rest more, get to the gym and get toned, lose 15 lbs, try new food plans, eat more veggies, read more, love more, and more... I want to highlight that this is fantastic energy. You are in a visionary state and you are so clear on what it is you want (derived from experiencing the things you didn't want last year - clutter everywhere, tight clothes, feeling squishy, agitated in your relationships, etc). Do you want to be successful this year with your resolutions?

I want to tell you that for transformation to occur at a cellular level, first and foremost you have to feel great about the changes you are wanting to occur. Yes...if you are feeling crappy about your body, and your actions are derived from a state of feeling like crap, then your actions and results will be short-term. But, if you are feeling inspired about your body and the actions you are undertaking to bring about transformation, then change will occur and you will be more successful. For example, if you are wanting to lose 10lbs, but you are continually focusing on the 10lbs that are still there, daily looking at all the parts on your body that you want to change, comparing yourself to the folks around you, and thinking about the 10lbs each time you eat...you are focused on the lack of what you have. This feels pretty negative - ranging in feelings of mild depression and discouragement, to full-blown self-hate. On the other hand, if you are centered in how great it feels to move, to nourish your body, how amazing your body feels when it moves, how great you look in that certain dress or jeans, and (this is key!) centered in the joyful anticipation of all those good things growing and to come (stronger body, beautiful physique for your body type, more strength and energy)...then you are focused on what you have and literally altering your cells and life to achieve more of those things. Pretty incredible, right? Here are 4 unexpected actions to help you move in the direction of achieving your wellness by getting you in a better state of mind: 1. First: rest. The holidays can be stressful and if you've been busy and running around, then your body might be weary from all the demands you have placed on yourself the last few months. Resting and relaxing is key to recharge your adrenals so that you don't stay in a stressed state. Acting in a state of stress breeds more stress chemistry in your body. 2. Practice shifting gears. Often. Take just a few seconds to recognize your internal dialogue related to your physique and wellness. Are you criticizing your body, your lack of willpower, your inability to change? Great! I say it's great because you're recognizing this negative self-talk for what it is: just internal chatter, not the truth. Now take one step back and say, "So this is obviously how I don't want to feel. What do I want to feel?" Then get ready for this subtle energy shifter to create surprising inspiration for change.

All you needed was a little space to be able to find a much better emotional state. And now your actions from that state will be far more effective in achieving your wellness goals.

3. Play! When you move in ways that stem from fun and joy (rather than the mental whip to get yourself in shape) then you will avoid creating a stressed metabolic response that will backfire. Here is more info. 4. Put the scale away (for weight loss goals). A daily focus on the scale puts a high emphasis on numbers, disengages how you are feeling in your body in the moment, and creates more and more of a stress chemistry if the numbers are not where you think they "should" be. If your specific goals have to do with weight balance, then you might want to consider joining my 10-week Get At The Roots Weight Loss Program. I've revamped it to include bringing in the mind-body connection. This is key so that you can gain quality knowledge about underlying nutritional imbalances while simultaneously addressing emotional and mental struggles with weight and body image.

You can also contact me for more details.

Do you have additional actions that you like to take to reach your wellness goals? If so, I'd love to hear them below.

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