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I’m really excited to write you about a new gathering I’m hosting called Get At The Roots Weight Loss Program.

This is really big for me because I usually stay away from weight loss programs and cringe at any approach that advocates for calorie restriction. But, I feel very different about the technique I am going to take in this program.

You see, my style is about getting to the root, or the foundation, of your weight challenge. This is about exploring the underlying root causes of excess weight gain such as hormonal imbalances, deficient brain chemistry, stress and adrenal fatigue, digestive problems, food sensitivities, yeast overgrowth, and more.

This is not about a quick fix, but rather it is about establishing a long-term approach to feeding your body optimally for a lifetime. Internal support and homeostasis leads to an external expression of weight balance. Does this mean you will look like the super skinny Hollywood stars? Not at all. Rather, your body will settle into its natural design and optimal physique.

This is very different than traditional diets that use the “reduce calories + increase exercise” formula. This common, overdone formula, in my opinion is actually detrimental to health for several reasons:

1. Low calorie eating leads to a survival response, which is a form of the stress response. In the survival response, the body notices that it is being underfed, thinks it’s on a desert island or in a famine, and the brain therefore signals the body to slow metabolism. This sluggish metabolism burns fat very slowly, and does not build any muscle because it too energy consuming.

2. The same survival response can happen even if the body has enough calories, but is too low in protein and/or essential fats (many will only consider calories without considering the importance of the types of nutrients being consumed. The body does very different things with 500 calories of processed food vs. 500 calories of fat vs. 500 calories of protein. Identical calories. Drastically different results).

3. Diets can be stressful to the body. Any form of the stress response results in excess cortisol and insulin production, which means chemically induced weight gain or inability to lose weight. The point here is that repeated dieting, by itself is a stressor. All the negative beliefs associated with dieting – I’m too fat, I’m not loveable, I’m not good enough – are literally psycho-physiologic stressors that can lead to weight gain or inability to lose it.

Get At The Roots Weight Loss Program is a gentle approach designed to give the body the proper nutrients it needs for its metabolic and hormonal processes. By doing this not only do you feed your body good nutrition, but your body gains health, diminishes food cravings and you gain energy while losing the unwanted body fat.

If your weight feels like a challenge and you really want to pursue a way of eating that is pleasurable, infused with nutrients, designed to boost your metabolism, and full of tons of support from me and other group members, then please join us...I would LOVE to have you there!

First of 12 classes is next Tuesday, the 18th, from 7-8pm at my office in Pleasant Ridge.

Cost $225

Click here for more details, or...

Call or email to sign up today (space is limited).



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