Something New Is Already Here

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In praise of all you wonderful women there is a tide emerging…a force…an expansive power fueled by a relentless passion for something new. We are sick of the old. We are sick of that same ol’ melancholy lament we continually whisper to ourselves, “What is wrong with me?" Do you feel that ache for more, can you sense its rumblings? I think you hear it in your own soul and body each day. It is very quiet underneath the rush of the domestic. Tune in. You want it…that power…that boldness…that strength…that confidence...that life that is yours. You want to feel your powerful womanhood fully emerged, expressed, and in no way concealed and diminished by trying to be someone else’s pretty, someone else’s version of the nice lady. No way, friends….we are meant to be radiant, alive, sexxxxxyyyy, and moving with a groove. We want our hormones resilient, pumping and expanding who we are…we want the energy to feel and radiate the passion that is ours. No more subduing ladies…instead rise and tap into that hidden place of who you are… and who you want to be. Yes, I know we get so tired at the end of the day…all those to-do lists, laundry piles to take care…oh there is some dust on the floor and pans to wash. Well….right now, find the part of you…inside or out….look around….where is that spot that you just love? That place you look at or sense that feels so amazing? Is it the way your feet feel planted to the floor? The power of a fist your hand can make? The way your eyes can widen? The way you can make your breath go into your lungs and stretch you out? The smile that can feel just a little bit sneaky? Where is it? Find that part of you and enjoy it. This is the energy of love and expansion. It is helping you to revel in the life that is yours. And now, as you are tapped into this vigorous energy, you can make all sorts of authentic choices for your well-being.

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