Groovin’ into the New Year and trying to get off the sugar train from the holidays? For those that are striving to make shifts in their eating habits, here are 4 steps to help you as you transition from a holiday-feast-centered diet to one that is more balanced with veggies and nutrient-rich foods. First of all, I suggest taking B-complex and magnesium supplements during these weeks when you are trying to reduce the sugars in your diet. Eating foods that are high in sugar (and remember this includes flour and grain-based foods that turn to sugar once consumed) actually deplete your body of nutrients…specifically B-vitamins and magnesium. Did you know that it takes 54 molecules of magnesium to process 1 molecule of sugar? So, if you were like me and enjoyed an abundance of sugar-rich foods, you can bet that you are low in magnesium. Additionally, did you know that it takes B-vitamins to help regulate your blood sugar system? The problem is that you may be depleted in B-vitamins if your blood sugar system is imbalanced from holiday eating (or even a carb/sugar heavy diet previously). If so, you lack the very resources to help support the system you are calling upon to regulate your blood sugar levels. Here is the brand my family uses. Second, including more non-starchy vegetables in your diet will help clean out toxins that have accumulated in your system from challenging ingredients (food colorings, low-quality oils, sugars, refined and processed foods). Remember that vegetables are more cleansing while proteins take on the role of building. This is a time to lean heavily on clean, non-starchy vegetables while still including proteins in your food choices. Third, indulge in more fat. I’m talking about butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, and nuts. Trust me, fat does not make you fat…sugar does. Our bodies really love using fats as fuel. Fats are necessary for building our hormones, building healthy cell walls so that nutrients can get in and toxins can get out, they help us absorb fat soluble vitamins (E, D, A, and K), are necessary for the adequate use of protein, and they help us feel fuller sooner and longer. And, please stay away from the highly toxic fats that so many eat: canola, soy, corn, and cottonseed. When you make shifts to more nutrient-rich eating after a stretch of sugary foods expect to feel a bit sluggish for a few days. This is perfectly normal and a sign that your body is cleansing. Plan on slowing down your schedule a bit and resting more. Finally, offer yourself some grace and love. Your body is doing an amazing job responding to the information it has been getting through your food, environment, and lifestyle choices. It is doing its best to maintain homeostasis and keep you alive. If you have challenging cravings or are feeling sick, this is your body’s way of communicating its needs. If you want more support with dietary changes, handling cravings, and deeper cleansing…I would love to help you out! Emails and phone calls always welcome.

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