I know, I know, you probably thought I would be writing about nutritious holiday recipes, ways to curb excess eating, secret supplements to help regulate your blood-sugar, exercise tricks to do before the guests arrive, or proper ratios of turkey to gravy to stuffing. Well, I have something else on my mind.

I know you are swimming in details. It is that time of year and you have all your family and friends coming, don’t you? I know you want it to look lovely, inviting, and pristine. Everywhere your eyes fall, you want to find order and places for happy memories to unfold. So you work. You clean, you cook, you create masterful lists to help you precisely execute the holiday plans…the appetizers, the Thanksgiving meal, the arranged seats, the controlled play of the children (we don’t want things to get too messy, right?), and every other anticipated need of all entering your home.

You yearn for your environment to offer the platform for love, goodness, and connection to occur. You’ll be looking for conversations to transform into beautiful arrangements of smiles, warm words, hugs and laughter. Then you will know that you succeeded. Others happiness is your happiness. You want it perfect…just so perfect…so everyone, again, is happy in your place, in your ways, in your creative domestic expressions and menu planning. This is the call of your appetite this season…for contented, well-fed family and friends in the loving space of your home.

But, most wondrous hostess, I want to remind you of an appetite you may have forgotten. This is the appetite for your joy and pleasure as you seek to please those around you. Don’t slice, dice, and chipper chop all your precious feelings and longings into the recesses of your heart and days.

Stop, breathe, and enjoy you

your loveliness.

your gifts,

your nurturing efforts you bestow to those around you,

your life.

Remember how wonderful you are as you cut, cook, arrange, smile, welcome, bake, sweep, bend, fold, scoot, laugh, cry, and breathe in the lives around you.

I am thankful for you. It is my hope that you are aware of your amazing life and that you can find gratefulness for it.

Supremely thankful,


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