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My Commitment:

SageFire Wellness coaches individuals to tap into their own innate wisdom (the Sage) and utilizes the engagement of the energy Fire to support illuminating what is essential, roaring with its fierceness to burn away what is no longer needed, and gently revive the embers of life that want to flourish once again.

The Sage and Fire have been front center in my work supporting women on their path to wellness in the form of nutrition, lifestyle, and mental/emotional coaching.

Nutrition, lifestyle, and mental/emotional coaching remain in both my 1:1 coaching and mastermind work.

But all of this work would remain partial, incomplete and anemic if it did not include a pledge and commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and anti-racism.

This commitment is a living and dynamic process, never complete, forever shifting and expanding as I grow.

Historically I, and I in SageFire, have been unconscious to the deep need for anti-racist, diversity, and inclusion work. This unconsciousness has led to my role in perpetuating a system of inequity and white supremacy.

I am waking up.

What I am doing now:

-       Meeting on a regular basis with my coach Lynne Maureen Hurdle to address blind spots and continue moving forward and being accountable to my growth and do the work.

-       Participating in a small group led by Lynne with other whites who are actively committed to and working on dismantling racism and developing equity and inclusion in all areas of life. The group starts in September 2020 and is 6 months long.

-       I am speaking out in my other professional teaching life at the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA), in my personal life, and directly with my family.  By staying silent, I stay complicit with the very thing I am seeking to change.  This is problematic and I commit to speaking truth even when uncomfortable to nurture the growth necessary.

-       I am in private Facebook communities to continue to listen to others who are both seeking to grow in these areas and to listen to the lives of those who have been directly impacted racism.  One of the most potent groups I am currently a part of as of June 2020 is “We Are the Mothers He Summoned”.  A group established in response to the murder of George Floyd with 10,000+ members.

- I'm learning from other Black business professionals.  I've joined Rachel Rodgers community of women who want to make money and increase their impact in this world.

Where I am going:

-       I am looking for models in how to create shared power and voice with POC in my professional life, in health access and resourcing, in wellness research, and collegial relationships to address the health of those we aim to support.

This commitment is growing and I am listening, remaining open, and in ongoing conversation with People of Color (POC) as I take the dual stance of learner and leader.

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