NTP Strategy Coaching












Are you an Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) that feels a little lost when it comes to your work with clients?


Do you wish there was someone to hold your hand for just a bit and give you some feedback and guidance as you work with those challenging clients? 


Do you find that you could go in a several directions with your clients and you aren’t sure which next steps would be most effective to help your client move forward? 


Does your client bring up emotional challenges and seem non-compliant no matter how much work you put into your client’s nutritional and wellness plan?


Then NTP Strategy Coaching may be just what you need.


NTP Strategy Coaching is personalized one-on-one coaching and mentorship for the NTP who needs extra support with client work.


In NTP Strategy Coaching I will help you:


  • Investigate your strengths and weaknesses as a practitioner.


  • Build your confidence and skills in the work you do with others.


  • Give you tools and skills to help you work with your client’s emotional roadblocks.


  • Show you how to use your client’s non-compliance as an entry-way and key for growth and breakthroughs. 


  • Guide you in how to prioritize your next steps with clients.


To find out more or to sign up for NTP Strategy Coaching, contact me here.


I can’t wait to work with you and support the amazing, life-changing work you are doing!


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