Dear beautiful reader,


I know you are lost in the world of nutrition and

wellness.  I know there are a million food plans, wellness

strategies, recipes, and resources out there seeking to

meet your diverse health challenges. 


You have enough of that already.


Right now, in this moment, here in conversation with main goal is not to repeat any wellness plans or motivational prompts to get you going with a finely tuned food plan. 


I want to take you in a new direction; a forgotten direction.


I want to bid you to love that which feels weak, broken, and needs fixing in your life. 


Your daily fatigue, your inability to eat food without incredible discomfort, your ongoing relentless sugar cravings, your body that wants to hold onto more and more weight each month… yes, these are the places I am incredibly passionate about you loving. 


I know these places in you do not feel good, leave you feeling vulnerable, and you yearn so much for them to change or be gone.  But, I also know that the vulnerable aches and things amiss in your body need first and foremost your attentive love.


What if these places that needed “fixing” were the whispering of the Divine in your life?  What if diminishing energy and the increasing weight were the very portals to take you into your soul spaces?  What if your daily cravings and achy joints were revelations in how to get attuned to finding balance and breed wholeness in your daily rhythms?


Your health journey is shifting in this moment as you read this.  It is becoming a soul journey of attentive, fiery love for you and your ultimate well-being.


All those health diets out there can help and do help. I know all about them, I have studied them in depth, I teach others about them, and I have seen the potential benefits of each crafted food plan.


What I want you to do is pause and be aware that your undertaking of any food plan which is grounded in dissonance or hatred and rejection of your body will in the end will only breed more of the same hatred and rejection.


I want you to infuse love once again into your nutrition and wellness quest.


Ultimately I want you to know that your health journey is a soul journey. 


Are you ready for this new direction?  Are you ready to rekindle the all-encompassing love that can penetrate into every fiber of your being? 


Then come closer...

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I look forward to connecting with you. -Janelle